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Types of Modeling

Fashion - Runway


Adult Modeling

Fashion runway modeling agencies specialize in providing models for live fashion shows and runway presentations. These agencies scout and represent models who showcase clothing, accessories, and designs on the runway during events such as fashion weeks, designer shows, and product launches. Runway models need to possess a strong and distinctive physical presence, excellent poise, and the ability to showcase garments in a captivating manner. 

“Japayuki” refers to a type of modeling agency service that places models in Japan, primarily for various entertainment and promotional activities. These agencies facilitate the recruitment and placement of models, often focusing on talent for hostess clubs, promotional events, and entertainment establishments. Models placed through Japayuki agencies may engage in activities like hostessing, entertaining clients, or participating in promotional events.

Adult modeling agencies specialize in representing models for projects and industries that cater to adult content, such as adult films, photography, and related entertainment. Models associated with adult modeling agencies may engage in a variety of projects, including explicit photo shoots, video productions, and promotional work. These agencies typically require models to be comfortable with explicit content and adhere to legal age requirements for the adult industry.