Los Angeles Event: “Urban Elegance Unleashed”

The Artistry Loft, Downtown LA

Runway Extravaganza: Turn Left Media collaborated with renowned LA-based designers to present an unforgettable runway show featuring cutting-edge fashion, where our models showcased urban-inspired elegance. Exclusive After-Party: A star-studded event at a chic rooftop venue, attended by industry influencers, designers, and celebrities. Our models mingled with the elite, creating valuable connections for future opportunities. Media […]

Tokyo Event: “Futuristic Fusion Fashion”

Tokyo Fashion Hub, Shibuya

Highlights: Cross-Cultural Collaboration: Turn Left Media partnered with leading Japanese and international designers for a groundbreaking event that showcased a fusion of traditional Japanese aesthetics with modern, global influences. Interactive Fashion Installations: The event featured interactive exhibits where attendees could engage with fashion in innovative ways, creating an immersive experience that highlighted the creativity and […]

Clark, Pampanga Event: “Tropical Rhythms & Runway”

Clark Event Pavilion, Pampanga

Highlights: Island Chic Runway: Turn Left Media transported the audience to a tropical paradise with an island-inspired runway show. Models strutted down the catwalk adorned in vibrant, breezy designs, showcasing the agency's commitment to embracing diverse fashion styles. Local Designer Showcase: Collaborating with talented Filipino designers, the event highlighted the richness of Philippine fashion. The […]